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Chris’s Success Story

By ToddSmith for ICanDoIt.com
Published on: October 19th, 2009

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Chris's Success Story

Chris's I Can Do It Success Story

Chris spent 15 years dreaming of being lean and muscular.  Unfortunately, for 15 years he tried and failed to accomplish his goal countless times.  Each time he began his journey of a physique he could be proud of; Chris would radically cut his calories, begin a circuit style weight training program, and nearly kill himself with tons of high intensity cardio. While he initially would see radical weight loss, his body would quickly adapt to his excessive methods and he would hit an insurmountable plateau.  When I first met Chris, he was discouraged and really didn’t know if he could achieve any of his fitness goals.  Chris is an extremely intense and focused individual who related how much pain suffering he could endure with how effective his program was.  I had to convince Chris that he needed a total philosophical transformation if he hoped to attain his goal. Instead of focusing on the scale, and instant gratification, we embraced the process and concentrated on gaining muscle, stimulating his metabolic rate, and feeding his body so he could add lean tissue and strength.  Once Chris gained a different perspective on accomplishing his dreams, his results were remarkable!  Chris lost an amazing 115 pounds; he reduced his waist by 11 inches, and lost 3 inches from his neck.  What is truly awesome about his accomplishment is that while he was losing all his body fat, he simultaneously added 15 pounds of lean muscle.  His upper arms actually were bigger at 172 pounds than they were at 287 pounds!

This is how he did it:

Phase One Training:

For the first month, Chris did 45 minutes of cardio on the treadmill, three times a week on an empty stomach, immediately after getting out of bed, maintaining a steady heart rate of 120-125 BPM.  On the fourth day he didn’t do cardio, he lifted weights for 45-60 minutes.  Since his goal was to really build some substantial muscle mass, I severely limited his weight training volume to 4-5 sets per body part, and game him 3-5 minutes of rest between sets.  Our goal was maximum muscle stimulation and maximum training intensity.  Instantly, his strength shot through the roof, while he lost 20 pounds of body weight.

Phase One Diet:

Breakfast: 40 Grams of whey protein powder with two rice cakes.

Snack: One can of water packed tuna with carrot sticks.

Lunch: 12 oz. grilled chicken, 10 oz. baked potato, and some frozen green vegetables.

Snack: 40 grams of whey protein powder.

Dinner: 12oz. grilled fish, one cup wild rice, and some fresh broccoli.

Before Bed: 1/2 cup skim cottage cheese.

Final Phase Training:

I modified Chris’ a.m. cardio prescription to four days per week, 30 minutes per session, and increased his training intensity to 130-135 BPM on a steady state workout.  I also added two high intensity interval cardio sessions at the end of his weight training workout that ranged from 25-45 minutes.  Chris’ weight workouts remained brief and intense.  I made sure that he rested 3-5 minutes between each set and I actually reduced his training volume to 3-4 sets per body part.  Although he lost another 100 pounds, Chris continued to get stronger and develop lean mass throughout the entire process utilizing this program.

Final Phase Diet:

I decided to increase Chris’ protein and caloric intake to prevent him rom plateauing.  I also split his entire daily carbohydrate intake to breakfast and his post-workout meal.

Breakfast: 12 scrambled egg whites, 1 cup of oatmeal, and a pear.

Snack: One can water packed tuna.

Lunch: 8 oz. lean ground beef patty with fresh cauliflower or green beans.

Post-Workout: 1 pound of baked potato, one apple, and 40 grams of protein powder.

Dinner: 14 oz. N.Y. Strip Steak with grilled asparagus, onions, and green and red peppers.

Before Bed: 1/2 cup skim cottage cheese or 6 scrambled egg whites.

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